terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2016

dinner in the dark

Morgan Delt – Chakra Sharks (Morgan Delt, 2014)
Morgan Delt – Mr. Carbon Copy (Morgan Delt, 2014)
The Paperhead – Let Me Know (The Paperhead, 2011)
Doug Tuttle – It Calls On Me (2016)
Holy Wave – She Put A Seed In My Ear (Freaks Of Nurture, 2016)
The Holydrug Couple – Counting Sailboats (Noctuary, 2013)
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – What’s Holding You (Chambers, 2014)
The Spyrals – Trying To Please (The Spyrals, 2012)
Dead Ghosts – It’s Up To You (Love And Death And All The Rest, 2015)
Night Beats – No Cops (Who Sold My Generation, 2016)

FREEZE!: Fumaça Preta – Impuros Fanáticos, 2016
Ressaca da Glória
A Serpente

Thee Oh Sees – Wax Face (Putrifiers II, 2012)
Shapes Have Fangs – Dinner In The Dark (Dinner In The Dark, 2011)

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