quinta-feira, 15 de junho de 2017

Can of worms

And you’ll know us by the trail of dead: Novena without faith (And you’ll know us by the trail of dead, 1998)
Blood red shoes: Hope you’re holding up (Box of Secrets, 2008)
Death from above: Romantic rights (You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, 2004)
Titus Andronicus: Future triumphant (The Most Lamentable Tragedy, 2015)
Japandroids: Crazy/forever (Post Nothing, 2009)

Destaque FREEZE!: Mutoid Man (War Moans, 2017)

Open flame
Kiss of death

Metz: Kicking a can of worms (II, 2015)
A place to bury strangers: Deeper (Transfixiation, 2015)
The KVB: Dominance submission (Minus one, 2013)

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