quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2014

Girl ya gotta love your man

Islet: Carlos ( Released by the Movement, 2013)
Band of Skulls: I Guess I Know You Fairly Well ( Himalayan, 2014)
Ball Park Music: Struggle Street (Puddinghead, 2014)
Bardo Pond: Jungle Tune (Refulgo, 2014)
The Front Bottoms: Twin Size Matters (Talon of the Hawk, 2013)

Freeze! V.A. - A Psychic Tribute to The Doors (Cleopatra, 2014)
Elephant Stone: LA Woman
Dead Skeletons: Riders on the Storm

EMA: Satellites (The Future's Void, 2014)
Calling All Cars: Werewolves (Raise the People, 2014)
Gallon Drunk: The Exit Sign (The Soul of the Hour, 2014)
Manchester Orchestra: See it Again (Cope, 2014)

Germana Fernandes

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