terça-feira, 20 de maio de 2014

Nobody's City

Bo Ningen; Inu (III, 2014)
Amen Dunes: White Child (Love, 2014)
Oren Ambarchi: Milk a Cow With a Monkey Wrench (Stacte Karaoke Single, 2014)
Wymond Miles: The Ascension (Cut Yourself Free, 2013)

FREEZE! Swans (2014) To Be Kind. Young God Records
To be Kind
Nathalie Neal

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Pure Stuff (Make my Head Sing, 2014)
Golden Gunn: Goner (Golden Gunn, 2014)
Moonbell: Everything all Along (Afterlives, 2014)
Iggy Pop: Nobody's City (feat. Thurston Moore with Nick Cave) (The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets, 2014)

Germana Fernandes

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