terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2014

Have you ever done something evil?

Mankind Is Obsolete: The Desert Train (Mobius Loop, 2014)
Keel Her: I'd Be Your Slave (R.Stevie Moore Remix) (Keel Her, 2014)
Paws: Alone (Youth Culture Forever, 2014)
Dirty Beaches: 廟街 (Featuring The Offset: Spectacles) (Neon Gods Of Lost Youth, 2014)
Tijuana Panthers: oney Jar (Wayne Interest, 2014)

FREEZE! Bo Ningen (2014) III. Stolen Records.
Mukaeni Ikenai

Hallelujah The Hills: A Domestic Zone (Have You Ever Done Something Evil?, 2014)
The Black Angels: Young Men Dead ( Passover, 2006)
The Unsemble: Circles (The Unsemble, 2014)
Tom Vek: Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) (Luck, 2014)
Broken Records: So Long, So Late (Weights & Pulleys, 2014)

Germana Fernandes

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